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About the Global Philadelphia Association

The Global Philadelphia Association was founded in 2010 by nine of the leading international organizations in the Greater Philadelphia Region.  It has been incorporated as a member-governed Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation whose purposes are:

  • To assist - and to encourage greater interaction among - the many organizations and people who are engaged in one form or another of international activity within the Greater Philadelphia Region;
  • To promote the development of an international consciousness within the Region;
  • To enhance the Region’s global profile. 

Today, over 200 organizations, businesses, and internationally-minded individuals have become joint venturers in the Global Philadelphia initiative, and more are joining each month.

Our dedicated team is here to help you!

Carl Stevens, CFO
Sylta Cubranich, Office Manager
Jessica Barber, Communications Coordinator 
Andrew Beers, Social Media Specialist and Emerging International Journalists Program Coordinator
Samuel Finian Martel, SDG Coordinator
Akansha Chauhan, Events Coordinator
Gary Wooten, Programming Coordinator

Why It’s Important

The Greater Philadelphia area is blessed with an extraordinary array of international resources.  In order to be successful in today’s global economy and to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world, these resources need to be more inter-connected themselves.  No internationally-focused organization, business, or initiative in the Greater Philadelphia area has the luxury of operating in isolation, unaware – or at least unheeding – of the work of the others.  If we can more effectively bring the region’s considerable assets together, the possibilities for creative interchange and growth are endless.

In addition to fostering greater interactivity, the Greater Philadelphia Region has both a need and an unparalleled opportunity to enhance its international “brand."  It should aspire to nothing less than to be recognized, by its own citizens and by the world community, as a singular and significant global actor.  There will be a rich reward for the region if it does so, as decision-makers of many and varied kinds locate businesses, place investments, plan events, choose to live and take vacations here, find and utilize our global expertise, contribute to our cultural offerings, conduct sporting events and conventions, and in the process infuse our lives with the energy of a great cosmopolitan center.

These opportunities are exciting.  The Global Philadelphia Association exists to help everyone in the Greater Philadelphia Region take advantage of them.

The Association’s Fundamental Strategies

  • To improve coordination of activities and messaging among international organizations in the Philadelphia region.

The Association will provide a platform for the encouragement and support of each member organization’s activities, programs, and stature. At the same time, it will provide them with a unified voice and message regarding the role and importance of internationally-focused organizations, businesses and initiatives and the potential synergies that exist between and among them.

  • To raise the profile of the Philadelphia region as a cosmopolitan center, both for the citizens of the region and for a world community that is not adequately aware of what the region has to offer.

The Association will provide a way to collect those distinct activities under a common banner, make them more visible, create of a one-stop referral resource for everyone from international visitors and university students to businesses and corporations, imagine new ways to showcase our international assets, draw others into relationship with our global resources, develop ways to improve the region’s international brand, and encourage the region’s leaders to act more forcefully to promote Greater Philadelphia as a global destination.  We have set our sights high because the stakes are high.

The Association’s Current Activities

The Greater Philadelphia Region boasts a wealth of international organizations, globally minded citizens, and other world-class resources, yet they frequently work in isolation and often do not get the recognition that they deserve.  GPA will help show decision-makers planning world events, business facilities, sporting events, and conferences all that the region has to offer.  As a first step, GPA will showcase the organizations, businesses, people, events and activities that contribute to the region’s international character through an on-line “information commons.”  Globalphiladelphia.org is designed to be the central resource for all things international in the region.  GPA will also support its members and the larger community in a variety of other ways, assisting them to find and take advantage of international opportunities, to grow and gain greater recognition, and to interact creatively with one another and the world.  Together we can build a bold and exciting international brand for Greater Philadelphia.


Membership is open to all organizations, businesses, professional associations, governmental and public bodies, academic institutions, diplomatic personnel, media, and labor unions, and individuals who are in agreement with the Association’s purposes.  Since the time of its founding, the Association’s membership has more than doubled and new members are being welcomed on an ongoing basis. 

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