Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia

100 W. Oxford Street, Suite E-1300 Philadelphia, PA 19122
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The Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia advances mutual trust, understanding, and cooperation among faith communities, in order to work together for the common good of the region.

Through celebration, service, education, and action, the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia enables people of all faiths to share their deepest convictions, shape solutions to common problems, and live out their highest values and aspirations.

To achieve this vision, they:

  • Develop more leaders of the interfaith movement who know how to bridge differences and work for the common good.
  • Create accessible models for people of various faith traditions to learn how to work together—not separately—to effectively address common issues and problems in the pursuit of a just and compassionate social order.
  • Educate and inspire youth and adults of different faiths to create communities that go beyond indifference and skepticism to truly valuing and engaging differences.
  • Help diverse faith communities understand their respective stories, celebrating both commonalities and distinctiveness within their various traditions.