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Philadelphia, PA
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Explorers Sans Frontieres (ESF) is a progressive organization with an interest in building partnerships and growing trusting relationships. ESF is always interested in opportunities that support communities locally and around the world. They foster the growth of future world leaders through interrelationship building and limitless learning opportunities through practical application. ESF has the intention to expand to various local communities within the United States and countries of the world.

The programs at ESF are designed to integrate civic duty, travel with education so that the exchange of knowledge is used to improve relationships among diverse cultures through personal communication, humanitarian projects and assistance as well as practical training and application of learned skills. As humanitarians, the ESF team seeks to participate in the international exchange of information and ideas. They are committed to outreach, to support students and communities of people that are underrepresented, economically, socially, religiously and/or ethnically.

The goals of the ESF organization are not about making a profit, but building relationships and giving back to the community, to provide leadership to future world leaders in order for them to make informed decisions; not assumptions, and to support living in a global and culturally diverse world. ESF will provide participants with an opportunity to become fully immersed through independent-practical experiences locally and internationally in order to gain insight to the educational systems, observe multi-cultural comparisons and perspectives on the social, economic, financial, legal, historical, artistic, healthcare, political, scientific or religious aspects, in or about other countries or within the United States.


  • Support, advocate and humanize cultural experiences in ESF outreach activities. ESF is a local and global humanitarian organization supported by professionals, volunteers, and students;
  • Support local and global initiatives that address the needs of those who are underrepresented economically, socially, religiously and/or ethnically;
  • Commit to humanitarian-focused efforts in education, healthcare including dental and wellness programs, and outreach services;
  • Provide the majority of generous donations for the college students traveling on the independent learning practicum and to directly support the communities we visit which includes purchasing goods and services in order to foster growth and economic stability to better their life as well as their family; and
  • ESF values trust, honesty, respect and privacy.