Working Together like a Family Community

By Sarah Sharp

When Gabe Tiberino described his newest mural, unveiled on October 14th at ParkWest Town Center in West Philadelphia, he commented that it “showed people working together like a family community” to fulfill SDG 1:No Poverty, one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This event marked the completion of another mural project that is part of the Global Philadelphia Association’s SDG Campaign initiative.  

The celebration was a lively event. As everyone gathered, Gerald Chavis performed on his trumpet, various speakers then contributed remarks about the project, including Zabeth Teelucksingh, GPA’s executive director; Jim Burnett, VestedIn’s executive director; Sheila Hess, city representative for the City of Philadelphia; Jeff Brown, President, and CEO of Brown’s Super Stores, Inc.; and Rob McNeil, Chair of GPA’s Board of Directors.  Of special note, of course, were John Smith’s reflections which mentioned: “how much we can achieve when we work together.”  John and Susan Smith sponsored the mural project which included a $3,000 grant to ECO Foundation that “works collaboratively with the people we serve to provide creative education, healthy food, and employment opportunities, so they can meet their needs today and thrive for generations to come.”  

Throughout the afternoon, guests talked with each other as well as with families who had come to the shopping center to buy groceries at ShopRite, exercise at Planet Fitness or take care of their other daily needs. Gerald Chavis continued to play periodically, too, for our enjoyment. The new mural and the shopping center fit very well together; each shows a liveliness and energy that are part of everyday life in West Philadelphia.  Several car horns honked their approval of the new artwork as it was unveiled.  

Now you can take a few minutes to drive or walk by ParkWest Town Center, pause at the corner of 52nd and Jefferson Streets, and ask yourself how you can help to fulfill this SDG1:No Poverty.  You can also learn more about the other SDG murals in Philadelphia, and a curricular unit focused on the SDGs in our city.