Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians unveils new office

The Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians hosted an open house event on May 22, 2019, to celebrate its relocation to the fourth floor of 211 N. 13th Street. The event showcased the organization’s efforts to promote inclusivity for immigrants.

With sunlight streaming through the abundant windows, the warmth of the new space created an infectiously welcome and inherently Philadelphian environment, complete with Wawa hoagies and a view of Billy Penn atop City Hall. With staff networking in every room, the open house allowed guests to tour both the space and the work conducted by the organization’s main projects and programs. For example, guests learned about the International Professionals Program, which provides foreign-educated, work-authorized professionals with career coaching and networking opportunities to land better jobs.

The tour also showcased the organization’s education initiatives by allowing guests to peak into classrooms run by the Foundations for Communication in the U.S. (FOCUS) program, a career-oriented 12-week class that helps students improve their communication and technology skills.

In addition to these programs, the Welcoming Center removes barriers immigrants face in community and civic engagement, such as through helping people apply for citizenship and educating people about the Philadelphia region. Reinvigorated by their move, the new open office space perfectly reflects the Welcoming Center’s efforts to turn Philadelphia into a more accepting and vibrant powerhouse on the global spectrum.

The conclusion of the tour featured the organization’s Global Craft Market, where vendors from around the world showcased and sold crafts, including everything from flowers to jewelry and scarves.

As guests moved to grab their gift bags and bid their farewells, they were invited to place a sticker on their hometown on a world map, documenting the truly global scope of the Welcoming Center and Philadelphia in general.

Click here to visit our Flickr photo album for highlights from the open house event.


Article written by Amelia Winger on behalf of Global Philadelphia Association.