Visit Philadelphia’s New Americans Tour Welcomes Global Citizens

Chong Dai, for GPA – Visit Philadelphia and the Mayor’s Office for Immigrants and Multicultural Affairs (MOIMA) launched their New Americans Tour at the National Constitution Center in November. During the press conference announcement, the program’s mission of welcoming potential immigrants to the historical and cultural sites throughout the city was highlighted. 

Image 1: Philadelphia’s New American Tour press conference and launch event was held at the National Constitution Center on November 14. 


Image 2: Visit Philadelphia and MOIMA set up a new, self-guided tour. By walking around the selected sites in Philadelphia, potential immigrants could get a firsthand feel for the stories of the nation’s founding and the historic immigrant experience in Philadelphia. 

Image 3: Because many of the answers to the United States citizenship test can be found in Philadelphia, the tour is designed to let potential immigrants learn historical and cultural lessons. 


Image 4: Studying American history books for the United States citizenship test can be hard and obtuse and isn’t the only method of learning the country’s past. Many are very pleased to visit Philadelphia in preparation for the test.