Transcending Borders: Drexel and Abu Dhabi’s Commitment to Innovative Learning

By Jessica Barber

In keeping tradition with Philadelphia's commitment to global-mindedness, universities throughout the region are devising innovative and exciting strategies to expand their student and staff learning opportunities.

Most recently, Drexel University’s School of Education has partnered with Abu Dhabi University’s College of Arts and Sciences to “conduct collaborative research, accelerate faculty and staff development, explore student exchange programs and publish joint academic publications.”

This latest step in cultural and academic exchange highlights Philadelphia’s positioning as a global city that is fostering mutually beneficial relationships with countries all over the world. While the partnership is college specific, students across all disciplines will have opportunities to learn more about how they can become involved and make the most of this relationship. 

Paying particular attention to new and improved methods of teaching and learning, this partnership will look to explore and pilot a variety of course designs. Each university will enjoy “a series of symposiums, workshops, conferences and joint dual admission degree programs” that will certainly elevate both students’ and teachers’ academic endeavors. 

Each respective university will form a symbiotic relationship that will combine Drexel’s emphasis on diversity and creativity to evolve the realm of education with ADU’s emphasis on practical one-on-one mentoring and competition-style learning. 

This exciting new partnership speaks to the city of Philadelphia’s commitment to growth, education, innovation, and the importance of transcending borders to progress forward. 

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