Stunning New Installation in Philly by Artist Miguel Antonio Horn

A new Philly public art landmark has been installed!

Absolutely stunned by this incredible new artwork installed this week on Cuthbert Street between 12th and 13th Streets in Center City, Philadelphia by Philly-based artist Miguel Antonio Horn, titled “Contrafuerte”! Huge thank you to Streets Dept follower, Paul/Anthony Brown who hit me up on Instagram this morning about this new work. (If y’all ever see anything you think is new, let me know!)

“Suspended 20 feet over an alley in Center City, Philadelphia, two groups of entangled bodies grapple with the task to sustain, or raise up a bridge that spans the width of the street,” the artist’s website reads! “The artwork is comprised of thousands of aluminum plates which topographically construct the sculpture’s surface. The artwork is meticulously designed to integrate into the existing built environment as part of the city’s renown Percent for Art program.”

From its interaction with its surroundings and scale on this tiny Philly alley to the detail, power, and vulnerability of these absolutely mesmerizing forms that make it up, I love this new Philly public art landmark so damn much! Wow. WOW!

Published by Streets Dept