Renowned Artist Makes U.S. Debut in Philadelphia, Exhibit Ends this Week

By Samantha Stewart 

Partnered with Unique Photo Philadelphia, a photographic supply distributor and gallery in Old City, Philadelphia, local curator Susanna Gold announced in September the U.S. debut of a world-renowned photographer: Yasuomi Hashimura. For the past two months, Hashimura’s latest solo exhibition, “Future Deja Vu”, has been on display at the Old City gallery.

Hashimura’s Future Deja Vu series began with abstract images of sculpture, architecture, and landscapes from around the world; and according to Gold, Hashimura started with Paris, then Rome, and finally his native home of Japan.

The exhibition began as a part of the 20/20 Photo Festival and will only be on display until the end of the week, reaching its final days by November 14. Hashimura’s goal with these pieces is not only to inspire the exhibit’s visitors but to also influence others who are interested in art for years to come.

“When he’s creating his work, he’s not just thinking about the present,” Gold said. “He’s thinking of the past, the present, and he’s thinking about the people in the future who will be looking at these objects and looking at us, thinking what we meant in the past.” 

What makes the artwork all the more impressive is the style in which the photos were developed. Hashimura has such a unique style of developing his artwork, that the technique he used, Hashigraphy, was named after him. In this process, Hashimura creates each piece individually, combining darkroom photo printing with intricate brushwork. 

“He does start with photographs, but it is a much more involved process,” Gold added. “He’s doing a lot of handwork with his imagery. At the end, the result is a work on paper that seems almost sculptural.”

To honor the end of the exhibit, Gold added that will be hosting a small gathering on the final day of the exhibition. From 1 p.m. - 3 p.m., Gold will be available in the exhibit to field questions from any viewers, sell any final pieces of artwork, and reflect on Hashimura’s collection.

Gold above all else understands the intricacy of the message Hashimura conveys through his art. She hopes too that others can find these feelings of both nostalgia and renewal when walking through the gallery.