Refrew Center and PIM Join Forces in Philadelphia and Abroad

Maria Johansson, for GPA -- Every year, as many as 24 million people of all ages in the United States suffer from an eating disorder.

This type of mental illness has the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses and is becoming increasingly common in non-Western countries where it used to be much less prevalent. Helping people battle this disease should be of global concern.

In response, the Renfrew Center, a treatment facility for people with eating disorders and related mental illness, and Philadelphia International Medicine (PIM) recently forged a new relationship. The Renfrew Center is joining the Philadelphia-based network of healthcare professionals, researchers and locations, adding long standing expertise to an already extensive network that provides a broad range of healthcare to people all around the world.

The Renfrew Center was established in 1985 as the first residential eating disorder treatment facility in the United States. Since its inception, the Renfrew Center has treated more than 65,000 women and trained more than 25,000 professionals. The Center has 16 locations across the country from Florida to California. This gives the Renfrew Center the largest network of eating disorder treatment facilities in the country.

PIM is a network of top physicians and hospitals in the Philadelphia area. It was founded in 1999 with the aim of marketing the Greater Philadelphia area as the worldwide hub for healthcare. At the moment, its network includes such distinguished hospitals as Fox Chase Cancer Center, Temple University Hospital and the Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals.

What makes PIM unique is its international approach to healthcare and training. PIM offers medical and patient support services for clients all around the world, connecting people to hospitals, surgeons and physicians at the top of their fields. Moreover, PIM also shares expertise with international medical staff, training them in the latest healthcare developments.

In a recent press release about this new collaboration, Samuel E. Menaged, JD, Founder and President of the Renfrew Centers, said that the Renfrew Center network is, “excited to partner with Philadelphia International Medicine and help more women recover from their eating disorders. We know firsthand the sooner an eating disorder is diagnosed and treated the more likely it is that treatment will lead to sustained recovery.”

Leonard Karp, president and CEO of PIM agreed, and confirmed that “the collaboration of the Renfrew Center and PIM will help women throughout the world access a world leader in the treatment of eating disorders. While patients from around the world are being treated at the Renfrew Center, we are pleased to bring a world leader in its field to areas in which PIM has a long-term presence”.

This new collaboration will give international patients access to the Renfrew Center through one call to PIM.

Image courtesy of the Renfrew Center.