PHL: Modern Renaissance City -- Video Sneak Preview of

This inspiring video celebrates the people and places of Philadelphia and shares a new narrative of the city with the world. Discover Philadelphia. Discover PHL. An open source community asset, this video is directed by up-and-coming Philadelphia-based creators Pete Herron and Kris van Genderen for the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau has recently launched a makeover branding initiative aiming to cast the city in a new light. At once highlighting Philadelphia's historical legacy and its cutting edge appeal, PCVB urges people to "Discover PHL: Modern Renaissance City." In fact, the Bureau has officially changed its acronym to "PHLCVB" in order to be consistent with its new nickname for Philadelphia.

The preview of the website, to be launched next year, promises a user-friendly web experience for visitors to and residents of Philadelphia. Among the features the public can expect from PHLCVB's site: content will be translated into more languages, search functions will be more thorough, and the layout will be more device-friendly than ever.

In its worldwide efforts promoting tourism, attracting business, and celebrating multiculturalism, Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau has a big job getting the word out about the city. "PHL" may be the three letters that will get the job done.