Philadelphia International Offers More Opportunities Than Ever

Last December it was announced that the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) would welcome Eastern Airlines as its newest air partner. The Wayne, PA-based carrier will offer nonstop service between Philadelphia and Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 

Both destinations are noticeable world heritage sites enriched in history. Santo Domingo was, according to UNESCO, “the place of departure for the spread of European culture and the conquest of the continent.”  Santo Domingo was also the beginning  for the first institutions in the Americas such as Saint Mary of the Incarnation Cathedral, Saint Francois Monastery, Saint Thomas Aquinas University,  Nicholas de Bari Hospital, and the Casa de Contratación.  

At the northern part of Haiti, the National History Park, Citadel, Sans-Souci, and Ramiers are all located in the central zone of the “northern massif” that extends to the Dominican Republic. According to UNESCO, these monuments date from the very beginning of the 19th century, when Haiti first proclaimed its independence. 

This exciting partnership is a significant step towards connecting larger parts of the global community to their respective roots. With proper COVID-19 restrictions and precautions, PHL and Eastern Airlines are ensuring that flyers have the best experience possible; as well as create new opportunities for traveling that may not have been available before.

“One of the benefits [of being able to travel here] is the sharing of traditions,” AARP Associate State Director of Advocacy and Community Engagement Yocasta Lora said, referring to the Dominican Republic “Some of these places are a paradise and it is also a [relatively] cheap tourist destination.” 

Exploring new parts of the world is one of the vital experiences of life, and being able to travel to these new places with ease can help drastically shape how you travel. Both Eastern Airlines and PHL understood these values and created their partnership based on these principles.

Eastern Airlines has been instrumental in connecting people to new destinations, but they have also been perfect in the “ease and convenience” category. 

“This effort was very much a collaborative process,” Director of Air Service Development and Cargo Services at PHL Stephanie Wear, said. “This is really about connecting communities … Philly is an incredibly rich, diverse metropolitan area; now we can connect people in our region to where they need to go.”

From the beginning, Eastern’s goal has been twofold: to allow guests the ease of traveling and to visit new parts of the world, as well as allowing families a reliable and easy way to stay connected. This is what PHL designates as “VFR” travel - “visiting friends and relatives.” With the pandemic in effect for almost a year now, it is more important than ever to both airlines that people have the opportunity to safely and conveniently visit their friends and family. 

This addition to Philadelphia International has the potential to send thousands of Philadelphians to new or familiar places. Wear added that Eastern Airlines was such an excellent partnership for this reason exactly, as well as their affordability, their generous baggage allowance (six bags per person), and the unique destinations they offer. 

Travel sites such as Expedia, or Philadelphia International, and Eastern Airlines websites all have the necessary travel information and the availability to purchase tickets.

Article written by Samantha Stewart on behalf of Global Philadelphia Association