New Shipping Service from Mexico Coming to Port of Philadelphia

Holt Logistics Corp. and the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority today announced they have secured new shipping service to the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal in South Philadelphia that will link directly with burgeoning port operations on the Gulf of Mexico. SeaLand, the intra-Americas regional ocean carrier of the Maersk Group, will launch a new line in 2016, its “Atlantico” service, which will call the Mexican ports of Veracruz and Altamira before making a direct connection to the Packer Avenue Terminal in Philadelphia.

“This new service is the culmination of nearly two years of hard work and negotiations,” said Thomas J. Holt Jr. of Holt Logistics Corp. “Packer Avenue offers superior refrigerated cargo service, which will create efficiencies and provide greater scale to Mexico’s expanding perishable goods business. Additionally, this new service will have significant environmental benefits as the vast majority of this cargo currently moves thousands of miles via tractor trailer. On behalf of Holt Logistics Corp, we thank the many individuals who helped to develop this important trade line for our customers here and abroad.”

The SeaLand Atlantico service will begin weekly calls to Packer Avenue starting February 3, and continue with weekly calls between Mexico and Philadelphia. The Atlantico service offers an alternative transportation option for trade between the Gulf of Mexico and Eastern United States, which generally employs ground transportation on 95% of its volumes. This line will particularly benefit producers and exporters of perishable goods to the U.S. by providing economies of scale, security and reliability of an ocean service. Targeted commodities include goods such as avocados, lemons, tomatoes and commercial cargo.

"We're very excited about this new weekly service with Mexico," said Philadelphia Regional Port Authority (PRPA) Chairman Jerry Sweeney. "It's another example of the kinds of things that happen at the Port when you have great public-private partnerships in place. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is proud to invest in its marine terminals and provide business support, which assists aggressive, savvy terminal operators like the Holts in bringing home a great piece of business like this one."

The new SeaLand Atlantico service will have the following port rotation schedule: Veracruz – Altamira – Philadelphia. For more information, please visit