International Opera Theater's Production of "Jago" Coming to Philadelphia in May

Philadelphia's own unrivaled International Opera Theater brings the splendor of Italian culture to a stage close to home. Opening in May at the Media Theatre, the opera Jago will also be performed at the Citta di Saluzzo in Italy and feature a lead with origins in China and Milan.

The geographical duality is the core of International Opera Theater's operation. For the past ten years, the company has produced works which perform in both Italy and Philadelphia, collaborating with artists from more than 36 countries.

Jago's lead soprano, Sharon Zhai, is a resident of Milan who was born in China. In November, she won a competition held by International Opera Theater to cast the lead of the opera. The competition attracted applicants from 15 different countries.

Jago is a story of redemption, following the character of Iago from Othello fifteen years after the play's ending. The opera focuses on the relationship between Iago and a young boy on the day before Iago's execution.

Karen Saillant, the founder and artistic director of IOT, who also created the story, says it will be a "movement-based opera". The libretto will be available online and there will be a story synopsis in the program and a pre-opera lecture with the Conductor and Stage Director. 

View the PDF below to see International Opera Theater's piece in US Airways in-flight magazine. 

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