The Importance of Art and What Design Philadelphia Taught Me

By Leticia Rosa 

This fall, I visited Cherry street Pier to view the unique artwork displayed at the Philadelphia Design Festival. The festival showed beautiful artwork in various forms, such as sculptures, architectural designs, and paintings. As I ventured around to see the beautiful landscape of designs all around me, I was moved to see how the art reflected so elegantly the different cultures, attitudes, and beliefs held in the Philadelphia region. 

The festival made me recognize how art is an outlet to express societal norms' views and the fundamental sense that self individuals have in this world. Many artists expressed through their paintings the importance of equality and freedom in human rights issues, such as the freedom to protest in their beautifully raw depiction of the Black Lives Matter movement. Others advocated environmental justice through the scenic landscape drawings they displayed in this exhibit. 

The various fabrics and acrylic paint used to create these designs were vivid and full of lively colors. The strokes of paintbrushes in some of these designs were so precise and intricate. Artists showed depth within the shadows and highlights of their work. By attending the event, anyone can see that Philadelphia has brilliant young and fresh artists. These students are far from inexperienced in their profession. I hope to see more from the community of Design Philadelphia in the near future, and I am thankful for all of the amazing artists who created such beautiful pieces for our community to see. We need inspirational leaders in our society, and through Art, these new artists have the power to change the world.