GPA Reaches Philadelphia's "Millennial Voices"

Joe McGee, for GPA -- Philadelphia is trending. People across the globe are tweeting, liking, favoriting and sharing all things Philly. In recent months a number of different publications have called the city a must-see destination, ranking it among the best in the world in food, shopping and more. It is this proud and unique surge in culture that has made the city such a sought after locale for the growing young-adult population.

In 2006, Philadelphia’s population fell to its lowest level since the census of 1900, but in the last few years a significant change has occurred. Philadelphia has seen a larger increase in 20 to 34-year-olds than any major city in the past eight years. Philadelphia Magazine has dubbed this a “Millennial Revolution.” This revolution has resulted in an overall rise in the city’s population and an increase of over 100,000 more young adults in the city since 2006.

These young adults are drawn to the city by its vibrancy, diversity, culture and nightlife. Many are also eager to leave behind life in the suburbs in favor of the more modern and bustling big city. Center City has the highest concentration of millennials in the city, with many others located in the surrounding areas such as University City and South Philadelphia.

With an appreciation for unique culture and diversity, this growing population is in a distinct position to promote Philadelphia’s global profile. The abundance of international programs, initiatives, events and organizations in the greater Philadelphia area coincides with this Millennial Revolution in exciting ways. With an open and optimistic approach to Philadelphia’s place in the global community, this new generation can help Philly’s trending worldwide.

Layla El Tannir is part of this rising demographic. She believes that her generation plays an important role in Philadelphia’s future as a globally recognized city.

“Millennials will help carry out a successful vision for the city, ensuring that it is able to maintain a healthy balance between its competitive edge and personality as it continues to steal the spotlight from the world’s top cities,” she said.

Layla has been sharing her experiences with the Global Philadelphia Association’s Millennial Voices project. By focusing on and tapping into the styles and trends of young people in the city, the Millennial Voices project looks to continue GPA’s mission of promoting the development of Philadelphia’s international presence in a way that reaches out to this rising generation.

“Through the work of the Global Philadelphia Association and its members, it is clear that the people of Philadelphia understand the importance of global branding. It needs to stay active on the world map. Millennial Voices is a platform to showcase the young leaders within the area and an opportunity to highlight the diverse elements that define them as millennials.”

Layla hopes that her experiences in Philadelphia can increase awareness among her peers around the importance of being globally-minded.

By making strides in social media, relevant event planning and sponsorships, the Global Philadelphia Association has made it clear that an important key to Philadelphia’s global future is through millennials like Layla. This project allows for a new generation to voice its views on the ever-changing international landscape and how Philadelphia fits into it.

“Philadelphia should prepare its millennials to make their mark on the world, in acting as ambassadors on every level and building relationships with people and businesses on a global scale,” she said.

As Philadelphia continues to gain popularity abroad, it is crucial that this generation of plugged-in millennials help share (and re-tweet) that message.

Image courtesy of the Huffington Post.