GPA Meets With Cameroon Delegation

Last December, members of the Global Philadelphia Association (GPA) met with the Cameroon Ambassador who visited Philadelphia with a delegation with the objective to increase the exposure to Cameroon arts and culture in the city.

Cameroon, a country in central Africa, has two World Heritage sites, Dja Faunal and Sangha Trinational, and is engaged in pursuing more exposure for its World Heritage and culture. Stanley Straughter, a founding member of the African Caribbean Business Council serves on the board of directors of the U.S. Ghana Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. Cameroon Chamber of Commerce, and serves as the Chairman of the board of the U.S. Guinea Chamber of Commerce, facilitated the meeting. 

The two groups met at the Notary Hotel where GPA Executive Director Zabeth Teelucksingh presented Senator Elizabeth Regina Mundi, one of the CPDM senators appointed by President Paul Biya for the North West region, with a World Heritage paperweight and a sample of World Heritage materials that GPA has curated.

Also, in attendance was the minister from the Northwest province of Cameron from where much of the culture emanates. Anglophone Cameroonians are people of various cultural backgrounds, most of who come from the English-speaking regions of Cameroon (Northwest and Southwest Regions). 

These regions were formerly known as British Southern Cameroons, being part of the League of Nations mandate and United Nations Trust Territories.

GPA is helping connect the delegation with relevant cultural opportunities.