Global Philadelphia Pays Homage to City’s Medical Heritage

GlobalPhilly™ 2019  is offering 45 days full of international events in Philadelphia spotlighting our city’s medical heritage. Executive Director of Global Philly Association Zabeth Teelucksingh explained how Philadelphia is a place of many firsts for the medical field and why this is so important.

Did you know one in every six doctors is trained in Philadelphia?  From September 1st through October 15th, Global Philly will offer over 100 events with 11 to 12 of those events shining a light on the city's medical reach.

"For example, you've got a 'Beyond the Bell Tour,' which is a walking tour that's going to walk you through parts of Philadelphia talking about the medical heritage," said Zabeth Teelucksingh, Executive Director of Global Philly Association.

Philadelphia is home to the first medical school, University of Pennsylvania, the first hospital, Pennsylvania Hospital, the first cancer center hospital, Fox Chase Cancer Center and the first pharmacy school, University of the Sciences.

"What we do at Global Philadelphia is really position our city internationally and why we view this as important is the fact typically we're a little bit diffident in Philadelphia. We don't talk enough about what we do best and this medical heritage is actually really important and a big part of our city."    

Click the image below to watch the clip. For more information on Global Philly and its events, click here. 



Article originally published by PHL17.