Global Philadelphia Editorial on Governor Corbett's Overseas Trip

Prompted by an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer ("Corbett's Dubious Mission," March 18, 2012) critiquing Governor Corbett's six-day trade mission to France and Germany, and charged to pursue GPA's mandate of changing the public's view of international initiatives on the part of our public officials, GPA Board Chair, John F. Smith, and World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia President, Linda Conlin, recently wrote and published an editorial in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

In this editorial, Mr. Smith and Ms. Conlin argue that rather than criticizing the Governor for leaving the Commonwealth to promote Pennsylvania trade, we should "encourage - government leaders to invest some of their time promoting foreign trade, tourism, student enrollment, and direct foreign investment in the commonwealth."

The writers also point to the recently released Economic Intelligence Unit report which found that despite Philadelphia's growth, competition for resources and business will only grow more intense as more and more countries enter as leading figures in the global market. The authors suggest that:

"To be successful in this competition, and to bring new jobs to our region, increasing exports and foreign direct investment are crucial. By undertaking this mission to France and Germany, the two most significant countries in Europe, and major investors in our region, Corbett is not only opening doors to new business for the companies that accompanied him, but he is also fulfilling an important part of his duties as the commonwealth's chief executive."

Read the entirety of the Inquirer article here. Alternately, you may choose to download a full-text, pdf version of the article here. And as always, remember to join the conversation on our Global Philadelphia Facebook page!