American Airlines and JetBlue Partner to Provide New Travel Options in the Northeast

American Airlines and JetBlue are partnering to offer northeastern travelers new routes, expanded benefits and a seamless travel experience, according to an announcement on July 16. 

First, the partnership will complement the robust travel opportunities available at the Philadelphia International Airport by launching new flights from airports in New York City and Boston. Beginning in 2021, American will launch flights to World Heritage Cities like Tel Aviv and Rio de Janeiro as well as to cities with World Heritage Sites, such as Athens. American also plans to launch flights to Europe, Africa, India and South America when the COVID-19 pandemic ends. JetBlue plans to expand its services at airports across the United States to provide seamless connections to airports in the northeast, which will help travelers access American’s new international flights.

Second, the partnership will enable American and JetBlue to offer reciprocal codeshare flights, meaning that travelers can purchase tickets from American for a JetBlue-operated flight and vice versa. Through this, JetBlue travelers will be able to access 60 American-operated routes, and American travelers will be able to access 130 JetBlue-operated routes. Both airlines also plan to expand the benefits offered to members of their respective loyalty programs. 

Third, the partnership will encourage the airlines to work together to provide travelers with a more convenient travel experience. For example, travelers will be able to access both airlines’ transcontinental services and book single itineraries on either airline’s website.

For more information about the partnership, view the announcement here

Article written by Amelia Winger on behalf of Global Philadelphia Association.