7th Annual Globy Awards presented by Global Philadelphia adds a sixth category: Sustainable Development


7th Annual Globy Awards presented by Global Philadelphia adds a sixth category: Sustainable Development 

Philadelphia, PA (November 4, 2021) Global Philadelphia Association announced today the six Globy Award winners for  2021. The Globy Awards is a distinguished occasion where outstanding accomplishments with international implications are  recognized in four main leadership categories: educational, heritage and preservation, community, and corporate.  

Global Philadelphia Association’s Globy Awards have recognized and honored Philadelphia leaders who contribute to our  city’s global stature – from our prestigious educational institutions to brilliant businesses, vibrant communities, and the  hard work that goes into preserving our region's heritage.  

“The Globy Awards are an important occasion in our global city to highlight the work of Philadelphians who are engaged in  international activities that affect our residents,” states Zabeth Teelucksingh, Executive Director of Global Philadelphia  Association. 

Each year, a Lifetime Achievement Award is also given to a leader who has demonstrated leadership in all four categories  over their lifetime. Also, new this year is the Sustainable Development Award category which honors a Philadelphian who is active in the area of sustainable development. Two of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, which are  being implemented by Global Philadelphia Association with public art installations, are related to water; therefore,  Philadelphia’s water commissioner Randy E. Hayman receives the award this year.  

“We are pleased to gather some of the most innovative minds in Philadelphia to honor the great work of our honorees to  continue to raise international consciousness in this region,” states Robert J. McNeill, Deloitte’s Managing Partner for  Greater Philadelphia, and Global Philadelphia Association Board Chairman. “I would like to extend our gratitude to our many  sponsoring members for their generous and continued support.” 

The Globy Awards will be held from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. on December 13, 2021, at The Westin Philadelphia at Liberty Place  (99 South 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA). Attendees are asked to bring a non-perishable pantry item for Philabundance. For a complete list of non-perishable donation items or to purchase tickets, visit http://globalphiladelphia.org/globys. All state  and local Covid-19 protocols will be followed at this event.  

The 2021 awardees include:  

Lifetime Achievement: Leslie Anne Miller, Attorney and Community Leader  

Leslie Anne Miller is an accomplished attorney who, over the course of a remarkable career, has consistently demonstrated  her deeply held commitment to civic involvement. She currently serves as the Chair of the Board of the Philadelphia Art  Museum, where she has been a Trustee since 2011. In 2001, she was recruited from her seat on the Board to serve as  Interim President of the Kimmel Center. Miller was first Chair of the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Committee on Women  in the Profession and is currently a member of the Pennsylvania Commission on Women.  

“This award is a source of pride and inspiration to me,” states Miller. “Pride in being recognized among a group of  distinguished past recipients. Further pride in the contributions, however small, that I have made to improve the life of  our great City. Inspiration to continue these efforts for the many more years that I intend to live!”   

Educational Leadership: Drexel University, John Fry, President, accepting on behalf of Drexel University  

John Fry was appointed Drexel University’s 14th president in 2010. Prior to Drexel, Fry was president of Franklin & Marshall  College, executive vice president of the University of Pennsylvania, and a management consultant for the higher education  and nonprofit sectors. Under Fry’s leadership, Drexel has set a national example for the execution of public-private  partnerships and became a powerful force for economic development in Greater Philadelphia. 

“This award is an extraordinary recognition of the power of education to transform lives and develop communities both locally and all over the world. Drexel is both humbled and more energized than ever by this award, which confirms that our approach to education, both experiential and civically and globally engaged, is making an impact,” states Fry. “Of course, we could not thrive as a global institution if we were not part of a great global city such as Philadelphia. What we can achieve together is amplified by our unwavering commitment to local and international partnerships with companies, government, and communities.” 

Heritage and Preservation Leadership: Jillian Patricia Pirtle, CEO of Marian Anderson House  

Jillian Patricia Pirtle is the CEO of the National Marian Anderson Museum and Historical Society and the youngest owner of  a National Historical Site in the United States. Pirtle was introduced to the life and legacy of Marian Anderson by Lady  Blanche Burton Lyles, founder of the Marian Anderson Museum and Historical Society, when Pirtle was selected to become  a National Marian Anderson Scholar Artist. As CEO of the Marian Anderson Museum and Historical Society, Pirtle leads the  non-profit organization and directs the programming for both the Marian Anderson Museum exhibits and the Marian  Anderson Scholar Artists and Arts Empowerment Programs.  

“Being recognized by Global Philadelphia for my efforts in the continued preservation of Marian Anderson's life story and a  historical and cultural landmark in Philadelphia means the world to me. At my tender age of 38, I am truly grateful that  Global Philadelphia believes in the important work that I have been doing in historic preservation and have chosen to  highlight it in this manner,” states Pirtle. 

Community Leadership: Loree D. Jones, CEO of Philabundance  

Loree D. Jones, CEO of Philabundance, has served in leadership positions in nonprofit organizations, education, and city  government throughout her career. Most recently, Jones was chief of staff to the chancellor of Rutgers University-Camden,  and prior to that, she served as chief of external affairs for the School District of Philadelphia, where she coordinated  strategic communications and governmental affairs for the nation’s eighth largest school district and managed advocacy  efforts with external partners. Jones also served as managing director for the City of Philadelphia in the John Street  administration, overseeing 16 operating departments and offices with close to 20,000 employees and a $3.2 billion  operating budget. 

“We at Philabundance see this as recognition of our commitment to drive hunger from communities while remaining sensitive and responsive to the diversity of our communities,” states Jones. “In addition to our daily work to drive food into our communities, we are in the midst of a massive project where we are preparing tens of thousands of halal meals for Afghan evacuees. In addition, we partnered with State Senator Sharif Street to prepare mealsfor Muslimsin our community during Ramadan. We also worked with 6abc and the Garcesfoundation to provide mealsfor out of work restaurant workers, many of whom were from Asian American and Latinx communities. At Philabundance we are leading by listening and learning from our communities and not just by relieving hunger today but also working towards the ultimate goal of ending hunger for good.” 

Corporate Leadership: Stephen S. Tang, Ph.D., President and CEO of OraSure  

Stephen S. Tang, Ph.D., is President and CEO of Bethlehem’s OraSure Technologies, Inc., the company that developed and  manufactures InteliSwabTM, a rapid at-home COVID-19 test that can be used by anyone, anywhere. The company also  produces the OMNIgene® ORAL saliva collection and stabilization device, which is used in molecular tests for COVID-19 and  was named one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2020. When the Ebola virus was ravaging West Africa, OraSure Technologies  designed the rapid test used to screen patients for the deadly disease. Additionally, the Company supplies over 10 million  oral fluid HIV self-tests to Africa to counter the global HIV epidemic and is a leader in point-of-care HCV testing. Over the  last two decades, the company has consistently remained a pioneer in the development of rapid diagnostics and sample collection kits.

“It gives me great pride when I think of all that our Company accomplished this year, and I am proud to accept this award  on behalf of our team. It took the heart and soul of our entire organization to launch our products for COVID-19,” states  Tang.  

NEW Sustainable Development: Randy E. Hayman, Commissioner, Philadelphia Water Department  

Randy E. Hayman, Water Commissioner for the Philadelphia Water Department, previously served as General Counsel for  15 years at two major water utilities, the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority and the Metropolitan St. Louis  Sewer District. As part of his responsibilities with PWD, Hayman oversees three drinking water treatment plants, three  wastewater treatment plants, and a contract-operated biosolids facility, as well as the operation and maintenance of the  3,200 miles of water mains, 3,700 miles of sewers, 79,000 inlets, 25,000 fire hydrants, and various pumping stations  throughout the city. 

“This opportunity to represent the Philadelphia Water Department as a force for environmentally sustainable policies and planning is a great honor,” states Hayman. “Through leadership and partnering with our fellow city agencies and communities, we are helping to make Philadelphia one of the greenest cities in the nation and doing our part to help the planet.”  

For more details about this event, contact Zabeth Teelucksingh at 561-843-1050 or [email protected].  


The Global Philadelphia Association was founded in 2010 by nine of the leading international organizations in the Greater  Philadelphia Region. It has been incorporated as a member-governed Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation whose purposes  are to assist and to encourage greater interaction among the many organizations and people who are engaged in one form  or another of international activity within the Greater Philadelphia Region; to promote the development of an international  consciousness within the Region; and to enhance the Region’s global profile. Today, over 200 organizations, businesses,  and internationally-minded individuals have become joint venturers in the Global Philadelphia initiative, and more are  joining each month. 

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