Trinidad and Tobago 53rd Independence Celebration

Saturday, August 22, 2015 - 9:00am - 5:00pm
Parkway, Liberty Bell,...
Philadelphia, PA 19103
United States

Celebrating Trinidad & Tobago 53rd Independence with a series of events.

Discovered and cultivated in Trinidad over 50 years ago, the world has enjoyed the scintillating, sweet, pulsating music of the steel pan. Audiences in every culture around the world have been spellbound, amazed that such rich tonal quality could come from discarded oil drums. The refined sound we now hear is the result of decades of hard work, research and innovations by master tuners such as Ellie Mannette, Neville Jules, Bertie Marshall, Anthony Williams, Rudolph Charles and Lincoln Noel...


Live feed/stream from:
Networking Media - Global Philadelphia
WACK Radio

Trinidad & Tobago Consulate General
Trinidad & Tobago Ambassador
United Nations Representative Washington DC
will all be in Philadelphia for this event
Live Concert, Speakers, Awards, Citations Liberty Bell 6th & Market Streets Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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Community Events
Global Kids
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