Philadelphia: A medical HUB since the 1700s

Thursday, August 29, 2019 - Wednesday, January 1, 2020
Philadelphia International Airport - Terminal A, East
Philadelphia, PA
United States

This exhibit celebrates the region’s historical medical firsts, from Colonial America to today’s world-renowned reputation for its medical schools, teaching hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, medical related businesses, and research.

Since the 1700s, Philadelphia has been at the forefront of health care services—first hospital, first dispensary, first children’s hospital, and first hospital devoted exclusively to the treatment of cancer. The City is at the forefront of health care education—first school of anatomy, first medical school, first college of pharmacy, and first college for women doctors. And, at the forefront of medical advancements—first successful brain surgery, first successful heart surgery using a heart-lung machine, first to link chromosomal abnormalities with malignancy, and the discoveries of rabies, rubella, and hepatitis b vaccines. These notable firsts and more, have transformed health care world-wide.

The City’s robust health care systems, educational and research institutions, pharmaceuticals, biotech companies, and health IT businesses, have earned Philadelphia its reputation as a global medical HUB. That’s why, one out of every six doctors in the United States has trained in Philadelphia, 80% of pharmaceutical companies in the United States have a presence in the region, and 20% of the region’s population is employed in the health care industry. 

The City’s medical firsts and scientific advancements are extensive and this exhibition represents a sampling of the region’s indelible health care contributions that have changed the world. Given Philadelphia’s vanguard for creativity and innovation, the region will continue its legacy at the forefront of medical ingenuity.   

The exhibit will remain on display in Terminal A East until June of 2020.


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