Hermes Expo - Philadelphia

Wednesday, April 8, 2020 - 11:00am - 7:30pm
Arts Ballroom, 1324 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA
United States

This event has been postponed. Please visit the event website for more information.

Hermes Expo International (Hermes Expo) is a leading B2B and networking company in America, promoting commerce, communications, and culture since 1992.  It brings together thousands of business professionals and entrepreneurs from diverse industries from around the world, looking to expand their business network and to establish new economic ties.  As a premier B2B networking company, Hermes Expo attracts professionals and companies from all over the world, including the United States of America and Europe.

The Hermes Expo organizes a series of events that are held annually across the Eastern seaboard, which combine executive and exclusive level networking opportunities, professional development seminars, educational panels and a trade show exhibition platform for professionals and businesses seeking to grow and expand. Hermes Expo provides unique platforms for companies to showcase their products and services in front of potential customers from around the world.

One of its most important successes is the pivotal role the Hermes Expo played in connecting the Chamber of Commerce of the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with the Chamber of Commerce of the City of Thessaloniki, Greece to allow for an open channel of trade between the two ports. The mayors of each city signed a business and cultural trade pact in 2000.

Hermes Expo is where bargaining, marketing, selling, and buying takes place. We offer the spotlight to brands and companies ranging from the industries of hospitality, banking and finance, real estate opportunities, wealth management, insurance, legal services, medical services, Greek Wine & Spirits, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, foodservice distribution, investment opportunities, new technology, textiles, importers and exporters, energy services, and more.

The Hermes Expo is the only one of its kind and in an age of rapid change and technology, and has endured as a traditional marketplace, offering a unique interface for business development and face to face interaction.

On a global level, the Hermes Expo is a unique platform for top American brands to connect with ethnic markets in the United States and vice versa. Originally, Hermes Expo was geared to act as a voice for investment/business networking opportunities amongst the global Hellenic community. Now with Hermes Expo’s success, it has expanded to other ethnic groups. The Hermes Expo serves as a bridge to the United States marketplace and abroad.

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