Global Philadelphia Idea Summit

Monday, December 8, 2014 - 11:30am - 2:00pm
Drexel University - Bossone Research Enterprise Center, located on Market Street between 31st and 32nd Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19104
United States

Take part in the 2nd “Global Ideas Summit” at Drexel University (Bossone Center), during the Annual Networking Event of Global Philadelphia Association (GPA).

This is a great opportunity to meet and connect with the movers and shakers of the International ecosystem of Philadelphia region and share your ideas of how to address major issues and decisions facing the region as it becomes more globally recognized.

After remarks by Joseph Torsella, who was formerly the President of the National Constitution Center and has recently served as the U.S. representative to the United Nations for Management and Reform, attendees will hear about GlobalPhillyTM 2015 vision, updates about Project World Heritage City and the Emerging International Journalists Program as well well as the new Global Kids resource available for the Philadelphia region.

The second hour will be devoted to Breakout session covering 6 opportunities or challenges of international importance, an exercise that has come to be known as the “Global Ideas Summit”. This was highly popular when we ran it last year, and we expect that it will be no less popular this year.  

Open to all global-minded people in PHL (civic leaders, international business, global non-profits)

We encourage you to arrive early (around 11:30) or at least on-time to have enough time for networking and contributing to the program.

Ticket price: 

Free for GPA members (one free ticket per member organization). For any additional ticket, please contact our membership manager to buy them at a discount price ($35 only for any additional members ticket).


Buy non-members ticket: $45 


Topics for discussion at the Global Ideas Summit on December 8, 2014:

1. How should those of us who live and work in Greater Philadelphia think about what it means to be a global citizen?

2. If Philadelphia succeeds this coming year in being designated as a “World Heritage City” (as 266 non-U.S. cities already have but no U.S. has to date), how could you and/or your organization best take advantage of it, through marketing or otherwise?

3. In 2015, Philadelphians will elect a new mayor. Should it be part of his or her job to promote Philadelphia as a global city and, if so, what does he or she need to know and do to be effective in this role?

5. In disadvantaged and prosperous neighborhoods alike, our children will have to be globally aware if they are to succeed in tomorrow’s world. Given the massive challenges that our schools are faced with, how well are we preparing them for that future, and what could we do better, both inside and outside of the classroom?

6. It will take more than the business community alone for Greater Philadelphia to be successful in the current globally-competitive economic environment. How can businesses and internationally aware non-business organizations collaborate better and improve the region’s prospects?


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