Garden Party 2022 UNA-GP Fundraiser

Sunday, July 24, 2022 - 4:00pm - 7:00pm
146 Pelham Road
Philadelphia, PA 19119
United States
Cool drinks, not so hot air, hot dialogues, and plenty opinions. Let’s talk about safe water, in schools, in hospitals, in homes, in breweries. What will it take to be safe in water, everywhere. What can you do about saving safe water. What do we need to improve to handle surges in rainstorms in Philadelphia. What do the Aral Sea, the Dead Sea, Lake Chat, Lake Aculeo, the Great Salt Lake have in common. What is the common ingredient in all beers worldwide.
Buffet-style, homemade food will be offered. Donations at the bar are most welcome. 
Bring your kids. Bring a friend (or two), make more friends and promote your cause. Bring opinions, business cards, banners,
posters, pens, cool brains, no guns, vapes, vices, nor plastics. Create opportunities to talk & network between action groups and discuss how to check which political candidates are GLOBAL CITIZENS. Let's have a great conversation at each table!
Event Type: 
Educational Events