French Immersion Class

Saturday, March 27, 2021 - 10:00am - 4:00pm
United States

Join us on Saturday, March 27th for four hours of immersion class.

Four hours of intensive work with one subject area, geared toward conversation with reviews of grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

10 AM to 12 PM
2 PM to 4 PM

March is le mois de la Francophonie, and we decided to take this opportunity to explore the French-speaking world in the American continents.

From Québec, to Louisiana, sans oublier the Caribbean and many other francophone regions in this part of the world...

There sure is a lot to discover !

Please choose your level upon registration.

Beginner level = intro to French
Basic level = 102-106 (A1/A2)
Intermediate level = 201 - 206 (A2/B1)
Advanced level = 301+ (B2+)

If you have never taken an immersion or regular class with us, you will need to take a placement test to find your level.

The placement test can be taken HERE or you can call our office at 215-735-5283.

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