Festival de Sueños

Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm
2830 N. American Street
Philadelphia, PA 19133
United States

Pan American Academy Charter School's 2014 Festival de Sueños directly supports our new school library. This multipurpose, interactive space will promote the development of internationally-minded students through innovative experiences using both literature and technology. This will be a place where the tools to work globally and collaboratively will be available to our students and parents.


This year’s Festival de Sueños is also an arts showcase, featuring performances by our award-winning Pan American Ballroom Dancers, as well as the unveiling of DREAMS/SUEÑOS, a mosaic project in partnership with Philadelphia Magic Gardens and Pan American students, teachers and parents. Guests will be invited to tour the library, view the mosaic installation, and enjoy dinner and an awards program.


If you have any questions about the event, sponsorship, or Pan American, please call Yvette A. Núñez a t 267-765-2262 or [email protected].

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Event Type: 
Community Events
Global Conversations
Arts and Culture
Global Region: 
Central America/Carribean