EF Day of Impact

Friday, October 14, 2022 - 8:00am - 10:00pm

To underscore our strategic emphasis on generating positive impact through our programs, Eisenhower Fellowships will create an annual EF Day of Impact on President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s birthday, October 14, formerly recognized across our global family as the EF Day of Fellowship. We invite you to use this new annual event on the EF calendar to host in-person and virtual events in your countries and regions to help drive and deepen engagement within our extraordinary network of Fellows. Beginning in 2023, the EF Day of Impact will coincide with the public presentation of a new annual EF Impact Award we will unveil next fall. Criteria and terms of reference for this new EF Impact Award are here. The first EF Impact Award will be presented at our planned EF Global Conference in San Francisco in October 2023 to celebrate the organization’s 70th anniversary. Details for this gathering will be finalized this fall. EF Day of Impact activities in your countries and regions should be aimed at raising public awareness about the amazing work of Eisenhower Fellows, your impact around the world and the global reach and influence of our organization. This fall we ask that you organize a gathering with the most recent Eisenhower Fellows from your country or region so they can report on their fellowship experience and share some of the latest developments at EF. We would also ask you to use the Day of Impact this year to discuss outstanding Fellows’ projects that you would like to submit for consideration for next year’s inaugural EF Impact Award. Future EF Days of Impact will be accompanied every two years by a biennial EF Impact Report to publicize the work our Fellows do around the world. More information about the new annual Day of Impact is here. Our Director of Network Programs, Patrick Fischer, will collect and coordinate submissions for the annual Impact Award. He is available to answer any questions or provide any further information at [email protected] or by phone or WhatsApp at +1-215-410-0892.

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