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Multicultural Learning Resources and  Global Education

Philadelphia is a multicultural city. Our future is shaped by every one of these diverse cultures, the languages they speak, the customs they practice and the knowledge they can share. Each multicultural community makes a valuable cultural contribution to our nation at large, they enhance and sustain our diverse way of life, culture, and customs

Our children can experience all the wonders of multiculturalism! Let’s join together to celebrate our cultural differences and cultural diversity while valuing our similarities as equal human beings on this planet of ours.

Global Kids in PHL is proud to be Philadelphia's supplier of multicultural resources. Come and share our journey of multicultural discovery with us by browsing our website or Facebook page!


Upcoming Events

Toddler Time: Summer in Sweden
8/16/2022 10:30am - 11:30am
Toddler Time: Art Exploration
9/20/2022 10:30am - 11:30am
New Year’s in Cuba: A Family-Friendly Program
12/27/2022 10:00am - 1/1/2023 10:00am
Some of our members offer regular events:

Family Workshops | Design + Build (for ages 9-12)

1218 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Explore the world of architecture + design with your 9-12yo child at these fun family workshops! Children will be introduced to the science and art of design while being challenged to design and construct (with your help) their own solutions to each workshop's unique challenge. 


It takes a village to raise a child... Let's be together that Global village for the children in Philadelphia !




1. Encourage your children to be curious!

Read books about children from all over the world!







Subscribe to worldwide newspapers in English or in a different language if they're already pluringual:








You can talk about current international events and news during your trip back from the Please Touch Museum or the Franklin Institute! When you're back home show them where on the map these events occurred, or subscribe to Little Passports and have them travel & discover the world with their own "passport"! 







And because Philly is such a wonderful place to eat with many international restaurants,

enjoy some quality time together to try new flavors!







List of Fun toddler places!

2. A second language will be their real passport for them in the future!

Enjoy all the language lessons in PHL!

           Main Line Chinese Center       

Al-Bustan Arabic lessons                




(Contact [email protected] if you know a great pleace for Global Kids to learn another language!)

3. Enjoy all the resources in Philly for our global children!


Borrow some books at the Free Library where you can find books in lots of different languages and on cultural awareness!









  • African American booklist coverAsian American booklist cover
  • Arab/Muslim American booklist coverLatino booklist cover















    Walk around Philadelphia and discover all the global places to go with your Kid in PHL!

    Kid's Corner - Philadelphia International Airport






    You can even "shop" for your global kid! With the "Tea Collection" at Nordstrom, the world is woven into every thread of the Tea Collection line.

    Every dress, every shirt, every tiny romper is inspired by the designers' travels around the globe.



     With Dan Zanes’ music, children embark
    on a multi-sensory journey around the world, by train or by rocket ship, mixing
    traditional with modern, exploring themes ranging from friendship, culture,
    and art, to history, languages, reading, geography, and the earth, our home. 




    Celebrated children’s record label Putumayo Kids introduces children to other cultures through its best selling CD collections that entertain, educate and inspire curiosity about the world. The songs are carefully selected and feature child-friendly lyrics and rhythms by exceptional international artists.Putumayo Kids expanded its globally-themed product offerings with three fun, educational coloring books with African,

    Latin American and European themes. Each features the colorful, folkloric artwork of British artist Nicola Heindl, who has illustrated all of Putumayo’s themed CD covers.



    Rise and Shine

    What kids around the world eat for breakfast. 

    Photographs by HANNAH WHITAKER Text by MALIA WOLLAN