Defined Clarity

624 N Front St, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19123
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Defined Clarity builds, supports, and services both open source and proprietary solutions. Open source technology allows Defined Clarity to participate in building large active communities. Such communities create an innovative ecosystem around software, and provide numerous additional benefits. Defined Clarity also employs open source technology as a foundation for developing proprietary client solutions.

Unparalleled Solutions

Their solutions are based on the fundamental principle of “Simplicity.” However, simple does NOT mean limited. Simplicity ensures users of all levels will have a positive user-experience. Defined Clarity provides software that is intuitive and easy to use for the end-user, but powerful enough for any size organization.  It’s fairly easy to create complicated software that’s hard to use and doesn’t provide any value to the end-user.

However, it is inordinately more difficult to build software that actually saves time, increases productivity, adds value to the business, and is SIMPLE TO USE! Defined Clarity has unparalleled solutions because we offer the best of both worlds - simplicity and unrivaled power.

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Information Science/Computing